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Extra Credit: School-Based Suicide Prevention Gatekeeping

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Screenshot from the School-Based Suicide Prevention Gatekeeping Module showing a screen with multiple scenarios which might indicate a student has suicidal ideation. Each scenario prompts the reader to respond and say what course of action they would take.

Welcome to Extra Credit, our newest ConnectEd recurring feature! In each issue, we’ll spotlight training resources to help you stay centered in your practice and help you dream big and develop new skills.

School-Based Suicide Prevention Gatekeeping Module

A series of suicide prevention modules are available with additional modules currently in development (Postvention, Policy Planning) for education professionals to increase their knowledge of suicide prevention and skills in responding to youth with suicidal ideation.


What to Expect
An important step in protecting all students from the dangers of suicide is the ability to recognize the warning signs of suicide ideation and take appropriate steps to keep a suicidal student safe. This interactive suicide prevention gatekeeper module helps schools and districts train their students and staff. The module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Module Contents

  • Data trends and the Wisconsin context of youth suicide
  • Warning signs and risk factors
  • How to appropriately respond to suicide ideation or suspected suicidality
  • Things to think about at the local level for suicide prevention and response
  • Resources to assist schools in dealing with suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention
  • Contact information for the DPI consultants leading the department's suicide prevention efforts

About the Presenters
Gregg Curtis  has led the work on creating the suicide prevention modules and brings vast experience in education and suicide prevention to this work. He currently servies dual roles as the Wisconsin Department of Health Service’s co-coordinator of Project AWARE and a DPI Limited Term Employee tasked with creating suicide prevention online training modules. Prior to joining DHS, he had roles as a part-time researcher for the Coalition for Career Development Center’s research arm and contributing counselor education faculty for Walden University. Retiring in 2020 after 30+ years in public education, Gregg’s most recent full-time position was as the School Counseling Education Consultant and Suicide Prevention Lead for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Historically speaking, Gregg spent 15 years as a middle school teacher and counselor before coming to Wisconsin and enjoyed 6 years as a lecturer and assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

The Suicide Prevention Work Group on the Student Services Prevention and Wellness (SSPW) Team has collaborated to create this series of suicide prevention modules. The work group members bring a variety of experience and expertise, and includes Andréa Donegan, School Counseling Consultant; Meg Whaley, Health, Physical, Adapted Physical Education Consultant; Michael Morgan, School Safety, AODA, and Driver Education Consultant, and Gregg Curtis (listed above).

The suicide prevention work group develops and provides resources and training, in collaboration with other DPI consultants and regional and state partners to support suicide prevention efforts and enact the Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Rules Related to School-Based Suicide Prevention.