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Need help? Free language assistance is available if you need help with these materials. For help with languages other than English, please call (608) 266-3390 or (800) 441-4563. Assistance is also available if you have a disability at

¿Necesita ayuda con la información en este sitio web? Hay asistencia disponible, para obtener ayuda en otros idiomas además del inglés, llame al (608) 266-3390 o al (800) 441-4563. Hay asistencia también disponible si tiene una discapacidad en el sitio web

Puas xav tau kev pab? Muaj kev pab txhais ntawv dawb yog tias koj xav tau kev pab txog cov ntaub ntawv no. Xav tau kev pab txhais lus dua li Lus Askiv, thov hu rau (608) 266-3390 los sis (800) 441-4563. Puav leej muaj kev pab txhawb yog tias koj muaj ib txoj kev tsis taus nyob rau ntawm

The Department of Public Instruction is committed to making all information on this website accessible to all users, including people with disabilities. The department’s accessibility policy is based on Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The policy requires:

  • Providing text equivalents for images
  • Creating accessible forms
  • Insuring sites are functional without a mouse
  • Limiting use of Flash and JavaScript. When used, insuring the site is still functional if these technologies are not available to users.

If you have problems accessing a page on this site, please use the Contact DPI page to report access issues.

In addition, you may also file a formal grievance with the department’s Section 504 and Title II coordinator by email (, calling (800) 441-4563, or sending a letter to the following address:

Benjamin Jones
Title II and Section 504 Coordinator
PO Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841