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State superintendent statement on unified, coordinated approach in support of MPS’ kids

Friday, June 7, 2024


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MADISON — State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly today released the following statement on having a collaborative approach to prioritizing Milwaukee Public Schools’ kids.
“My goal as the elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction is to always do what is best for kids. That is why we at the Department of Public Instruction are working so intensively at this moment with Milwaukee Public Schools. We have and continue to provide guidance and a tremendous amount of staff resources to address the immediate issues.
“Both in addressing the current situation, and as we look ahead at longer-term solutions, I welcome all partners and support to help kids in their learning and lives, and I look forward to continuing to lead in this work.
“I especially appreciate the governor’s commitment of additional resources from the state to support this work and look forward to working together on these comprehensive reviews to execute the needed analysis and improvement. We believe these evaluations and analyses could have value beyond MPS as well.
“I also appreciate the Milwaukee mayor and comptroller offering services to support MPS. We need resources and innovation, and we appreciate the opportunity we’ve had to discuss that idea this week.
“There are a lot of good people working hard at MPS to try and solve the problem, and they have indicated they are open to more support as well. As we look to the future, we need an all-hands-on-deck perspective to support all of Milwaukee’s learners.
“I also appreciate those who have spoken up to turn the page on the political battles of the past. Making schools political battlefields does nothing to improve education, and as the governor, mayor, and county executive have all said, we must stop proposing already-rejected ideas such as district and school takeovers or breaking up the district, and instead focus on what will make schools stronger, especially in Milwaukee. At its foundation, this work is built on our mutual heartfelt commitment to doing what is best for kids.
“Finally, let me speak directly to the educators and families in MPS and in every school across Wisconsin: Thank you for your relentless dedication and commitment to our children as you finish out this school year. Wisconsin’s children are our state’s future, and teachers and parents are their stewards. We deeply appreciate your unwavering devotion every day.”
NOTE: A photo for publication of Dr. Underly is available on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s website.

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