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State superintendent statement on recent bomb threats in Waukesha

Tuesday, March 19, 2024


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MADISON — State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly today released the following statement in relation to recent bomb threats in Waukesha.
“Let me be clear: Attacks, harassment, and threats on students, educators, and schools are reprehensible and cannot continue.
“And let’s not pretend these threats are coming out of thin air. They are generated by hate, especially toward the LGBTQ+ community. We must stand up for, and stand with, every educator and every child. We can’t leave anyone behind.
“These threats are based on nothing more than targeted hate. And now out-of-state hate groups are using social media to target all of us.
“We have hard data that tells us this hurts children. Our trans and LGBTQ+ youth have told us they experience growing feelings of depression and anxiety. Our LGBTQ+ staff are being targeted. We must stop dividing ourselves and stripping our students of their identity. We must instead help educators supporting kids – and their colleagues – when we need it most. We must stand with our friends, family, and colleagues and be united in the belief that hate has no home in Wisconsin, and especially in our schools.
“All our students and educators have the basic human right to feel safe, included, and supported – especially when at school and at public libraries.
“When we walk away from the simple and self-explanatory concepts of equity and inclusion – the simple idea that every child and every educator should have a sense of belonging – it gives credence to the forces of negativity and hate.
“Under my leadership, the Department of Public Instruction will continue working to create a better, inclusive educational experience for every young person and every educator, including our students and colleagues in the LGBTQ+ community.”

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