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Business & Information Technology

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Business and Information Technology (BIT) Education

Business & Information Technology (BIT) Education prepares students for careers related to business, technology, finance, management, and much more. BIT content focuses on topics that affect every member of society, including preparing individuals to own or operate their own business, and how to be successful members of our American Enterprise system. BIT educators develop and grow a comprehensive business program supported by former students, business employees/employers, fellow educators, parents and those who recognize that business education can improve the quality of life for the individual and well-being of the community.

This We Believe Statement...
This document is a collaborative reflection of the current priorities in business, marketing and information technology—imperative to education for today’s youth. In Wisconsin, Business and Information Technology and Marketing are two distinct content areas and there are two separate sections that address the uniqueness of each content. The overlap and collaborative aspects of both areas make them truly interdependent. The intent of this document is for practitioners to evaluate current programs and shape the future of these programs. The document includes the following sections:

  • This We Believe about the Future of Business and Information Technology in Wisconsin
  • This We Believe about the Future of Marketing Education in Wisconsin
  • In Conclusion... This We Believe about the Future of Business, Marketing and Information Technology in Wisconsin

This document and its corresponding dissemination plan are below:

Evaluation of a program provides a basis for identifying strengths and challenges for the program and overall curriculum. Program evaluation is not done for accountability purposes; it is intended as a management and planning tool. Use the Quality Program Standards Self-Evaluation to self-assess your programs strengths and challenges. ACTE has created an evidence-based framework defining high-quality CTE across 12 elements: The ACTE Quality CTE Program of Study Framework (2018 version) and a companion self-evaluation instrument, available in print and online


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