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Our Vision, Mission, and Values

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The DPI Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Engaged learners creating a better Wisconsin together.

Our Mission

To advance equitable, transformative, and sustainable educational experiences that develop learners, schools, libraries, and communities in Wisconsin.

Phase 1:

Focuses on internal and external feedback to shape vision, mission, values and priorities.

Updating DPI’s Vision and Mission Statements was a key step in the strategic planning process. The Cabinet of DPI utilized the DPI Core Values, the DPI Equity and Inclusion Plan, the DPI Culture and Climate Survey and feedback from external groups to create the statements.

This phase is to gather input from a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. A variety of engagement methods will help shape our priorities and bond those priorities with the mission, vision and values of the agency. We will engage in survey research, roundtables with focused groups, engagment sessions around the state and shadowing sessions in our public schools and libraries.

Learn more about the three phase process.

Core Values Image, Mission and Vision

DPI Core Values


Belonging Defined

Being part of something bigger but also having the courage to stand alone. A sense of fitting in or feeling like you are an important member of the group; the feeling of security and support when there is acceptance and inclusion.

Connection to Strategic Planning
  • Intentional connection to internal and external groups.
  • Demonstrating trust through empathetic listening and responsive actions in Phase 2.
  • Inviting and acknowledging a variety of opinions or perspectives.
  • Recognizing the work of individuals throughout the process.
  • Upholding cultural self-awareness and equitable practices.


Love Defined

Being warm, affectionate, and connected.

Connection to Strategic Planning
  • Consideration of experiences and perspectives during creation of the Strategic Planning Survey.
  • Genuine care and attention during listening sessions.
  • Respectful for all learners in Wisconsin.
  • Compassionate and empathetic listening during listening sessions.


Integrity Defined

The quality of being honest, trustworthy, and incorruptible.

Connection to Strategic Planning
  • An honest and transparent strategic planning process.
  • A deep commitment to ethics, agency values, and responsibilities.


Humility Defined

Holding a modest view of one's own importance; recognizing and accepting the reality through open-mindedness to truth.

Connection to Strategic Planning
  • Honoring multiple perspectives throughout strategic planning.
  • Acknowledging shortcomings, systemic gaps, and mistakes.
  • Demonstrate humbleness while gathering feedback from internal and external groups.


Honor Defined

To regard or treat all colleagues with respect, admiration and dignity; to have a sense of individual value.

Connection to Strategic Planning
  • Rejection of passivity and understanding where and when action is needed.
  • Accepting the responsibilities of the state education agency in Wisconsin.
  • Deep sense of commitment to responsibilities and actions that must be taken to uphold responsibilities.

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