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GED/HSED Credential Verifications


How to Verify a GED/HSED Credential

This service is ONLY for employers, colleges, and universities who only need to verify that a candidate has a GED or HSED from Wisconsin and the date of issuance (without obtaining certified test scores, transcripts, or credentials) is required to use the secure form to make the request to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Here are the key steps:

Follow this link Third Party Credential Verification to request an education verification, note the request must come from an official business email.

Be prepared to have the following information prior to submission:

  • Candidate's name (or names) at time of testing.
  • Candidate's full date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Last four digits of the candidate's social security number (due to policy changes, full social security numbers will no longer be accepted)
  • Approximate (or actual) year when tests were taken (if known)
  • Location of testing (if known)
  • A signed release from the candidate

We will email back the following confirmation depending on the information provided:

  • Record that a GED or HSED was issued and the date
  • Confirmation that we have no record given the information provided
  • An indication that the candidate must contact our office to clear up discrepancies

Every attempt will be made to complete verification requests within 20 business days. We DO NOT accept education verifications via phone, email, or fax.

If a certified transcript or duplicate credential is required, you can do so at GED/HSED Transcripts & Credentials