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Family Support Organizations for Students with Emotional Behavioral Disabilities and Other Neurodiverse Needs

The following organizations provide support, resources, and advocacy for students with emotional behavioral disabilities and their caregivers as well organizations that provide information and support related to other students with IEPs.

Wisconsin Family Ties

A statewide, parent-run organization working with families that supports students with mental health care needs. Their programs empower and support parents of children with emotional and behavioral health challenges. They work to improve systems that serve children and families.

WI FACETS (Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training, and Support)

WI FACETS is the federally funded Parent Training and Information Center for Wisconsin. Their mission is to provide and broaden opportunities that enhance the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities and their families, with emphasis on support for underserved families in the community. They provide information on special education and IEPs and referrals to agencies and resources, parent support groups, parent and youth leadership development, and trainings.

Disability Rights Wisconsin

Disability Rights Wisconsin is a private non-profit organization designated by the Governor to ensure the rights of all state citizens with disabilities through individual advocacy and system change, DRW is part of a national system of federally mandated independent disability agencies and has staff who can provide legal advocacy.

Behavior Help Wisconsin

Behavior Help Wisconsin is a program designed to help children thrive in their current early care and education setting by offering the adults who care for them tools, knowledge, and skills to reduce challenging behaviors and promote positive ones. For more information, check out the Behavior Help Wisconsin brochure and the Supporting Families Together website.

Additional Family Support and Advocacy Organizations

Information and links to a variety of statewide family support and advocacy organizations that support all students who receive special education through an IEP including the Wisconsin Statewide Parent Educator Initiative (WSPEI), Wisconsin Family Assistance Center of Education, Training & Support (WI FACETS), Disability Rights Wisconsin, Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD), and the Arc of Wisconsin.