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Traumatic Brain Injury Training, Webcasts, and Guides

Explore webcasts and guides to learn about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), including an introduction to TBI and guidance on how traumatic brain injury affects memory and behavior.

An Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury for Educators Webcast PowerPoint

This Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) training webcast was designed to introduce viewers to traumatic brain injury and its impact on learning and behavior. Material covered includes basic definitions, information on brain structures and their functions, common problems seen in school, steps to educational evaluation and programming, and additional resources. This webcast is meant only to be an introduction to brain injury--a starting point for those interested in understanding brain injury and in creating effective educational interventions.


  • Kathy Tess-Wanat, traumatic brain injury consultant/state trainer, CESA 6,

  • Judy O’Kane, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Traumatic Brain Injury Consultant, (Retired)

  • Therese Canfield, Wisconsin Traumatic Brain Injury Grant Initiative Project Director,

*A special thank you to Dr. Julia McGivern, UW-Madison, for her suggestions and support of this project.

This activity was funded by IDEA Discretionary Grant #2007-9911-22, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Traumatic Brain Injury Training Module – PowerPoint Slides and Resources

The following training module resources use the Wisconsin TBI Training Curriculum, developed for educators and families interested in learning how to meet the needs of children with traumatic brain injury within the school setting. These modules are not intended to replace participation, content, and discussion that occurs in an in-person training program.

Please review the following before using this content:

  • Four of the six modules are accompanied by resource documents. The Preface, Glossary, and Appendices are also provided.

  • You are strongly encouraged to work through each module sequentially. A full understanding of information in a particular module will often be contingent upon information covered in a previous module.

  • Download and print the resource documents for each module in advance of viewing the slide deck presentation. These documents are frequently referred to throughout five of the six modules. Only Modules I and VI do not contain any resource documents.

Table of Contents, Pre-Test, Post-Test 

Module I - Introduction

Module II - Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

Module III - Returning to School

Module IV - Planning to Meet the Needs of Students with TBI

Module V - Providing Positive Behavioral Interventions

Module VI - Supporting Students with Mild Brain Injury



Appendix A 

Appendix B 

TBI and Memory Webcast PowerPoint Slides and Resources

Memory difficulties are often one of the most common and debilitating effects of a TBI and have significant implications for new learning. This webcast is designed to increase understanding of TBI and its impact on memory as well as provide research-based strategies proven effective in supporting children with TBI.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Challenging Behavior: A Webcast Series

Webcast 1: The Effects of TBI on Student Behavior

Webcast 2: Ten Strategies for Preventing Challenging Behavior after TBI

Webcast 3: Using Functional Behavioral Assessment to Understand Challenging Behavior after TBI

Webcast 4: Planning Interventions for Challenging Behavior after TBI

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