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Collection of Cyclical Indicators

Indicator 8:  Parental Involvement, Indicator 11: Timely Evaluation, and Indicator 14: Post School Outcomes will be collected from every LEA once during a five year cycle.  These are referred to as the cyclical indicators. Approximately one-fifth of the districts in the state are included in each year’s cohort. Each cohort is representative of the state for pupil enrollment, areas of disability, gender, ethnicity and race. Public agencies with average daily membership of 50,000 or more participate in the collection of these indicators each year.

LEA Participation Lists

LEA Cyclical and RDA:PCSA List 2022-26

Cyclical Indicators

Indicator Measurement
Indicator 8: Parental Involvement Percent of parents with a child receiving special education services who report that schools facilitated parent involvement as a means of improving services and results for children with disabilities.
Indicator 11: Timely Evaluation Percent of children with parental consent to evaluate, who were evaluated and eligibility determined within 60 days.
Indicator 14: Post School Outcomes Percent of youth who had IEPs, are no longer in secondary school and who have been competitively employed, enrolled in some type of postsecondary school, or both, within one year of leaving high school.


Timeline for the Cyclical Indicators

During the spring prior to the school year your cohort will participate, you will receive a notification letter outlining the required activities during the upcoming school year.

The following is the timeline for collection of these indicators, as well as what year’s data the LEA will provide. The indicators are presented in order of when action is required by the LEA.

Indicator Collection Timeline Data Year
Indicator 14: Post School Outcomes June 1 – September 1 Surveys are given to exiters with IEPs who exited at least one year ago.
Indicator 11: Timely Initial Evaluation August – November 15 Report on initial evaluations where parent consent was received in the prior school year.
Indicator 8: Parent Involvement January – June 30 Surveys are given to parents of students with IEPs, ages 3-17 (excluding parentally placed private students).