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Wisconsin DPI Data Requests

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General Information


The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) collects and maintains data about education in the State of Wisconsin required for state and federal reporting. 

These reporting requirements include student data, school finance data, teacher licensing data, school performance data, and agency data. 

Public reports on this data can be found on the WISEdash Public Portal. This public data includes non-identifying data about students, scholastic resources, performance reports/profiles, charter/private schools, and public library data. 

Help Tickets

If you are looking for help with using one of the DPI applications please create a Help Ticket.

HSED/GED Transcripts

Do not complete a Data Request for transcripts. 

High School (HSED/GED) Transcripts and Credentials

If you need information for transcripts, please visit the HSED/GED Transcripts and Credentials page. Other questions specific to HSED/GED should be sent to this email:

DPI cannot process requests for schools that are closed/have closed since you attended. You must attempt to contact the central office of the district in which your school was located. 

Non-Confidential Data Requests

If you wish to request public data not available on the DPI website, or if you need assistance in locating the data you need, please complete a Non-Confidential Data Request form.

Requests are reviewed twice a month.

Meeting the information needs of the public is one of DPI's most important functions. Therefore, subject to the requirements of department policy and other applicable state and federal laws, DPI will respond to requests for data in a timely, cost-effective, and complete manner.


This form is only for non-confidential public data or records. If your request requires individual student-level data, data containing personally identifiable information (PII), un-redacted, aggregate data that may directly or indirectly identify individual students, or Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) data, you must complete a confidential data request (see below).

Confidential Data Requests

Requests for data that do not meet the definition of non-confidential public data require a Confidential Data Request form.

Examples of data that are not public include: individual student-level data; data containing personally identifiable information (PII) such as student name, identification number, or demographic information; and un-redacted, aggregate data that may directly or indirectly identify individual students.

Confidential data requests are reviewed monthly by an internal team.

DPI is only allowed to share confidential data under specific circumstances provided by law. Confidential data will only be provided if the request is approved by DPI and only when the requestor signs a data use agreement.

  • Sample Data Use Agreements: Individuals or organizations requesting student-level or other confidential data should read the SAMPLE Data Use Agreements (DUAs): Research Studies Sample DUA and Audit or Evaluation Sample DUA. DPI will determine which DUA is applicable after a request is received.
  • Student Data Privacy/Security Documentation: Individuals or organizations requesting student-level or other confidential data should review documentation on the DPI Student Data Privacy webpage.

Modifying an Existing Confidential Data Use Agreement

If you have an existing confidential Data Use Agreement (DUA) with DPI and need to make modifications, you must submit a Data Use Agreement Modification form. DPI will review the request and will notify you if the modification is approved as requested or if you are required to create a new Confidential Data Application.

Notifying DPI of Data Destruction

In accordance with the Data Use Agreement (DUA) between DPI and the recipient (i.e., individual or organization), the recipient is required to notify DPI that all data files connected to the DUA were destroyed upon completion or termination of the project for which the DUA was entered or when the data is no longer needed for the purposes of the DUA, whichever comes first.  Please use the Data Destruction Certification form to notify DPI of agreement-specific data destruction, method of destruction, and other necessary details. For more information regarding proper data destruction procedures, please see the PTAC Data Destruction Best Practices Guide.


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