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Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

Considering the need for assistive technology, including accessible education materials (AEM), is a state and federal legal requirement for each student with an IEP.

Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) do not change the rigorous high expectations of what is being taught or what is expected to be learned by all students of the same age or grade. AEM, like other supplementary aids or services, only changes “how” information is presented to the learner. The need for such materials must be considered for every student with a disability. Providing a student with AEM does not replace a student’s need for explicit and intensive specially designed instruction (SDI) in a specific skill such as reading comprehension or to teach a student how to effectively use supplementary aids (including AEMs) during learning activities.

Wisconsin Center for Accessible Educational Materials

The Wisconsin Accessible Educational Materials (WIAEM) Center is a point-of-contact for educators to seek support in acquiring materials for students with IEPs.  The acquisition of Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) for students with IEPs means that students have materials in a timely manner (as to when non-disabled peers receive materials), and in accessible formats that address their disability-related need(s). 

Accessible formats for students who need Braille or Large Print materials can be requested through the Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (WCBVI). For Braille or Large Print materials, you can request materials through the WCBVI Book Request Form.

For students who are not blind or visually impaired and for whom the IEP team has determined the need for accessible formats, educators can contact the WI AEM Center.  The WI AEM Center can assist in securing copyright protected K-12 textbooks and core instructional materials.  Please submit a request ticket for each qualifying student by completing a help ticket.

Additional Learning Resources

  • AT Forward Micro-Credentials: If you are interested in earning a free micro-credential in the area of AEM, then visit the AT Forward Micro-Credential website.

  • AEM Webinar/AT Forward Community of Practice Videos. AT Forward is a free Community of Practice (CoP) and records all meetings for future professional learning needs.  Several meetings cover the topic of provision of AEM to students with disabilities.  Scroll down to the AEM section of this recorded video library for AT Forward CoP meetings.

Accessible Materials Producers