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Talking to Students about LMI

Helping students understand the world of work and labor market needs is a part of the exploration activities in the Know-Explore-Plan-Go process of Academic and Career Planning (ACP). Below are materials that will help educators understand LMI and engage students in conversations on how LMI may impact their ACP.

Labor market one-pager: This is a quick overview of LMI, including definitions and why it's important. It's a good way to introduce students to LMI.

Student Lesson Plan: Researching Labor Market Information: This lesson will help you teach your students about labor market information and how it may impact their academic and career plans.

Student Lesson Plan: Exploring Emerging Career Trends: This lesson will help you introduce emerging career trends to your students and get them thinking about how trends may impact their academic and career plans.

Educator Online Module: Using Labor Market Information With Students: This online module offers educators the opportunity to understand how best to support students as they use labor market Information, and walks through a number of different resources you can use with students.