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Career and Technical Education Equivalency Credit

Equivalency Credit

Equivalency credit is an option created by legislature and written into state statute (§ 118.33, Wis. Stats., and Chapter PI 18, Wis. Admin. Code) to expand opportunities for students to meet graduation requirements.

Chapter PI 18.02, Wis. Admin. Code, defines "equivalent graduation policy" as "a board policy which meets the credit requirements specified (§ 118.33, Wis. Stats.) for each subject area, but which permits selected equivalent courses as long as such courses contain the time allotment and substantially the same objectives to develop the knowledge, concepts, and skills of the course for which an equivalency is proposed."

In conformity with the equivalency statute, this is an option for career and technical education courses that prove to have sufficient academic content. These approved career and technical education courses have proven to contain the academic content and are taught in a technical and applied setting.

Please use the following link to apply for any future equivalency approvals. This process was revised as of February 1, 2016.

CTE Step-by-Step Equivalency Process

Equivalency committees may reference resources and a step-by-step process document within each content area website that provides content specific links to the application forms and crosswalk templates.

School districts must use the new crosswalk templates, which will be updated to provide flexibility for districts to document standards that have been locally approved.

For additional information, download the Equivalency Frequently Asked Questions/Answers.

Equivalency Credit Areas