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ESSER III American Rescue Plan (ARP) Out of School Time Grant Opportunity


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The American Rescue Plan (ARP) 2021 authorizes states to use 1% of their total ARP allocation ($15.4 million) for comprehensive out-of-school time programs. Comprehensive OST programs will use Evidence-based Improvement Strategies (EBIS) designed to address learning loss and social, emotional and academic needs of students most impacted by COVID-19.

Additionally, the Wisconsin Committee on Joint Finance allocated, through Motion 57, an additional $5 million for OST programs and expanded the eligibility for these funds to include community-based organizations.

Funds are to be allocated through a competitive grant process.

Grant Opportunity Overview Video

Grant Competition Announcement

The ESSER III Out-of-School Time Grant competition has been completed. This grant is authorized by the American Rescue Plan (ARP) 2021 in the amount of $15.4 million. The Wisconsin Committee on Joint Finance also allocated an additional $5 million through Motion 57.

Eligible applicants for the $15.4 million allocation include Local Education Agencies (LEAs) (districts and independent charter schools) eligible for Sparsity Aid, and if funds remain, a second round for all remaining LEAs. Eligible applicants for the $5 million allocation included LEAs not funded in the $15.4 million allocation and Community Based Organization applicants.

All applicants were required to receive an average score of 3 (or 48 average total score) to be considered for funding. 79 total applications were submitted, with 67 applications meeting the average score requirement.

In all, 44 applicants will receive funding from the $15.4 million allocation, and 17 will receive funding from the $5 million allocation.

See the grantees for $15.4 million

See the grantees for $5 million

Application Deadline

The application period is closed.

Eligibility and Funding

Eligibility requirements and funding disbursement mandated through Motion 57, and the provision of the additional $5 million requires a multi-level award process. All eligible applicants will apply via one competition process.

Funding will be awarded as follows for Eligible Applicants:

Round One Round Two (if funds remain from Round 1) Round Three
Wisconsin Local Education Agencies (LEAs) (Districts and Independent Charter Schools) eligible for Sparsity Aid under Wis Stat 115.436 All Wisconsin Public School LEAs (Districts and Independent Charter Schools)

Wisconsin LEAs (Districts and Independent Charter Schools)

Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

Applicants may choose the amount of funding, from the available tiers, necessary to implement their action plan. The funding tiers are based upon student enrollment, or in the case of CBOs number of students to be served. Each tier provides a minimum and a maximum amount of funding. Applicants will need to demonstrate, through their application, that the amount of funding requested is reasonable and necessary and commensurate with their action plan.

Project Period

December 1, 2022 - September 30, 2024

These are one time funds that must be expended by 9/30/24

Important Dates

Event Date
Grant Writing Webinars

Grant Writing Webinar presentation slides

Grant Applications Due

October 14, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

All applications must be submitted via the application portal by the due date and time noted above. Applications must be complete in order to be reviewed.

Application Materials 

We are no longer accepting applications.

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