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School District Standards - Health Education Instruction in Wisconsin

School District Standards - ss. 121.02, Wis. Stats.

Standard J

  1. Written comprehensive curriculum.
  2. Coordinator of health education.
  3. K-6 under the direction of a licensed health teacher.
  4. 7-12 at least one course taught by a licensed health teacher.

Standard K

  1. K-12 Sequential Curriculum Plan.
    a. Objectives-sequence-content-resources-instructional time by week/semester/school term.
    b. Evaluation method.

Standard L

  1. K-4 Regular Instruction - Each week for an entire school year to meet the plan required in (k).
  2. 5-8 Regular Instruction - Each week for the entire school year to meet the plan required in (k), except that in middle level formats which offer or require a variety of exploratory experiences for pupils, such as foreign language, business education, vocational agriculture, technology education, home economics education and marketing education, regular instruction in health, art, and general music may be provided as follows:
    a. In grades 5 and 6, each week for the entire school term or the equivalent in instructional time and course content to meet the plan in (k).
    b. In grades 7 and 8, in sufficient frequency and length to achieve the objectives and allocation of instructional time identified in the curriculum plans developed and adopted under par. (k).

Standard P

In grades 7-12, at least 0.5 credit of health education, including personal, family, community, and environmental health (s. 118.33, Wis. Stats.).

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