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Pupil Services Standards

Pupil Services Standards

Wisconsin’s Quality Educator Initiative, or PI 34, has established seven pupil services standards (under PI 34.004) to guide the preparation of professionals within the four pupil services areas (school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists and school nurses).

Pupil Services Standards:

To receive a license in a pupil services category under s. PI 34.31, an applicant shall complete an approved program and demonstrate proficient performance in the knowledge, skills and dispositions under all of the following standards:

(1) The pupil services professional understands the teacher standards under s. PI 34.02.

(2) The pupil services professional understands the complexities of learning and knowledge of comprehensive, coordinated practice strategies that support pupil learning, health, safety and development.

(3) The pupil services professional has the ability to use research, research methods and knowledge about issues and trends to improve practice in schools and classrooms.

(4) The pupil services professional understands and represents professional ethics and social behaviors appropriate for school and community.

(5) The pupil services professional understands the organization, development, management and content of collaborative and mutually supportive pupil services programs within educational settings.

(6) The pupil services professional is able to address comprehensively the wide range of social, emotional, behavioral and physical issues and circumstances which may limit pupils’ abilities to achieve positive learning outcomes through development, implementation and evaluation of system-wide interventions and strategies.

(7) The pupil services professional interacts successfully with pupils, parents, professional educators, employers, and community support systems such as juvenile justice, public health, human services and adult education.

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