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Three-Year District-Sponsored License with Stipulations

The three-year district-sponsored license (LWS3) allows the teacher to teach for up to three years in the license area while receiving supervision, mentoring, and professional development. These activities are meant to assist the teacher in becoming proficient in the national standards or in license program content guidelines when no national standards exist for the new subject or grade level. Note: the standards used are teacher preparation standards, not K-12 academic content standards.

Under the law, the LWS3 license is only valid in the requesting district, CESA, or residential school that originally requested the license. At the end of the three-year term, the LWS3 license is not renewable in the same subject area or grade level through the same employing school district, CESA, or residential school.

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To be eligible for the three-year, district-sponsored license with stipulations (LWS3), a teacher must:

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The employing district, CESA, or residential school must:

  • Assign the teacher to a new subject and/or developmental level
  • Complete and sign off on the PI-1613 Employment Verification form and the PI-1624 LWS-3 District Request For License With Stipulations form. (See Supplementary Forms)
  • Provide appropriate professional development and supervision for the teacher to become proficient in the license program national standards (content guidelines where no national standards exist) for the new license area so that the teacher is prepared to submit a portfolio to the department by the end of the term of this license.
  • Notify DPI if an employee under an LWS3 license leaves employment prior to the end of the three-year term. DPI will begin the invalidation process of that license.

Note: LWS3 licenses are not available for the following areas:

  • Speech-language pathology under s. PI 34.047 (4).
  • Deaf and hard of hearing under s. PI 34.050.
  • Blind and visual impairment under s. PI 34.051.
  • American Indian language license under s. PI 34.055.
  • American Indian history, culture, and tribal sovereignty license under s. PI 34.056.
  • Bilingual-bicultural education under s. PI 34.078.
  • Driver education under s. PI 34.080.

Licensing After LWS3 Term: Portfolio Submission

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The Three-Year District-Sponsored License with Stipulations (LWS3) is nonrenewable. Prior to June 30th of the third year of the license term, the teacher must demonstrate eligibility for a Provisional License (Tier II) or Lifetime License (Tier III) in the new license area/grade range via a portfolio demonstrating proficiency in the license area/grade range. Proficiency demonstrated via a portfolio must be confirmed by either obtaining an endorsement for the license by an approved educator preparation program or by DPI approval.

The 2023 LWS3 Handbook provides details and information regarding:

  • the responsibilities of the educator
  • the responsibilities of the employer
  • how to assemble and submit the portfolio at the end of the three-year term
  • how the portfolio is evaluated

Note: Individuals submitting a portfolio during the 2022-23 school year may follow the requirements outlined in the previous handbook. As of June 30, 2023, portfolio submissions must follow the 2023 LWS Handbook and rubrics below.

Content Area Portfolio Rubrics

For instructions on how to apply for a Three-Year District-Sponsored License (LWS3) see: APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS


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