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License Lookup

License Lookup

Use this public search to review and verify educator license history and status.

Understanding Licensing Status Terms

The DPI’s online License Lookup tool provides license information. In addition, pursuant to Wis. Stat. 115.31 (6)(b)(c), a person who is under investigation or whose license has been revoked is identified in this online tool. This information will appear on the record of the person subject to investigation or revocation.

DPI uses the following terms to indicate the different statuses:

  • Under Investigation – The person is under investigation based on information received by the DPI that warrants an investigation pursuant to Wis. Stat. 115.31(6). Investigation refers to the process of gathering information to determine if revocation of a license is appropriate. While “Under Investigation”, the person’s license(s) remains valid, unless it expires.
  • Licenses Revoked - All licenses held by the person were revoked based on Wis. Admin. Code PI 34.098
  • Denied – The person’s application for licensure was denied.
  • Hold - The person previously had one or more licenses and was placed under investigation for alleged immoral conduct or incompetence. The person's license expired before the investigation was completed, and the investigation was placed on "hold" as a result. The investigation is considered “Open”, and will resume if and when the person applies for renewal of their license.
  • Background Review - The person currently does not have a valid license and has made an application for a license or renewal of a license. Information that was revealed during the background check process may constitute immoral conduct or incompetence. Further investigation and review are required.
  • Driver Ed License Only - Under Investigation - The person holds a valid Wisconsin driver education license and it has been alleged that the person has engaged in behavior specified in the law that may result in revocation of that driver education license – Wis. Admin. Code PI 34.098(2). This designation does not affect any other Wisconsin educator license(s) held by the person.
  • Driver Ed License Only - Revoked - The person's Driver Education license was revoked for reasons specified in the law that apply only to the revocation of a driver education credential – Wis. Admin. Code PI 34.098(2). This designation does not affect any other Wisconsin educator license held by the person. Note: The explanation above also applies when a "Revoked" status is displayed on the License Lookup directly on the detailed license information for a driver education license rather than at the top of the person's License Lookup screen.

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