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Teacher Information

Under Wis. Admin. Code PI 34, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issues the following teaching licenses for specific grade ranges. Licenses issued under old rule will continue to have subjects and grade levels for the program(s) that the license holder earned at time of completion.

Seeking a Teacher License in Wisconsin?

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Licenses and Grade Ranges

Early Childhood – Regular Education - Birth-3

Early Childhood – Special Education - Birth-3

Elementary and Middle School - K-9

English and Language Arts - 4-12

Mathematics - 4-12

Computer Science - 4-12

Science - 4-12

Social Studies - 4-12

Cross-categorical Special Education - K-12

Agriculture Education - K-12

Art - K-12

Business Education - K-12

Dance - K-12

Deaf or Hard of Hearing - K-12

Family and Consumer Education - K-12

English as Second Language - K-12

French - K-12

German - K-12

Latin - K-12

Russian - K-12

Spanish - K-12

Other foreign languages - K-12

Health - K-12

Marketing Education - K-12

Music - K-12

Physical Education - K-12

Speech and Language Pathology - K-12

Technology Education - K-12

Theatre - K-12

Visual Impairment - K-12

Instructional Library Media Specialist - K-12

Unless otherwise specified, applicants for licenses in the category of teaching must have:

  1.   Completed a state-approved educator preparation program in the licensure area. Unless otherwise specified, applicants for licenses in the category of teaching must have:
  2.   A minimum of bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. Speech language and pathologist must have a master’s degree.

Supplementary Teaching License

The following licenses are issued as supplementary teaching licenses. Licenses in this category are issued for individuals who hold or are eligible to hold teaching licenses as listed above: 

Educators seeking to obtain a supplementary teaching license must follow the initial teaching license pathway for information on completing a program that will lead to a specific license listed below please contact your educator preparation program.

Supplemental Teaching Licenses



Computer Science

Earth and Space Science



Environmental Studies



Life and Environmental Science



Political Science



Speech Communication

Adaptive Education

Adaptive Physical Education

Assistive Technology

Alternative Education Program

Bilingual-Bicultural Education

Coaching Athletics

Driver Education

Gifted and Talented

Reading Teacher

Urban Educator

Vocational – Business and Office Education

Vocational – Family and Consumer Services

Vocational – Family/Consumer Education – Child Services

Vocational – Family/Consumer Education - Food Services

Vocational – Family/Consumer Education - Clothing Services

Vocational – Housing/Equipment Services

Vocational – Home Economics Related Occupation (HERO)

Vocational – Technology Related Occupations

Vocational – Technology Occupations – Manufacturing

Vocational – Technology Occupations – Construction

Vocational – Technology Occupations – Transportation

Vocational – Technology Occupations – Communication

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