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Pupil Services Information

Under Wis. Admin. Code PI 34, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issues pupil services licenses for specific grade ranges. Licenses issued under old rule will continue to have positions and grade levels for the program(s) that the license holder earned at time of completion.

License Area and Grade Ranges Education Requirements
School Counselor - PK-12 Minimum of a Master's degree, with specialized coursework and practicum/internship experience in school counseling
School Nurse - PK-12 Registered Nurse license by the Dept. of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS)
School Psychologist - PK-12 Advanced graduate coursework and practical experiences relevant to both psychology and education.

A specialist-level graduate degree program
A doctoral degree

(both of which must include a year-long 1200 hour supervised internship)
School Social Worker - PK-12 Minimum of a Master's degree in social work from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) approved program, with specific coursework and training in school social work practice.

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