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The first time educators login to ELO they will be prompted to respond to a few questions before they can begin the application process. This three step process is called Onboarding, and it is a one-time event. The questions include:
  1. If you have ever applied for or held a license in Wisconsin
  2. Your Name 
  3. Your Social Security Number 

Once you have answered the questions you will see all your license information and will be able to make any necessary changes or additions to your license record. It is important to complete the Onboarding steps before you fill out any applications.

If you miss this step on your first login you may open up the Onboarding process under the ELO Cart and Additional Activities. If you do not answer the onboarding questions you won’t be able to renew your licenses and you might create multiple files for yourself with different information, so it is important to complete this step before you fill out any application.


onboarding new graphic
SCREENCAST: Onboarding Directions for New Applicants


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