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Cooperative Marketing and Consumer Cooperatives Stipulation


Cooperative Marketing and Consumer Cooperatives is required for teacher licenses in agriculture, economics, and social studies in accordance to Wisconsin State statute §118.19(6) and PI 34.022(1).


Educators must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of cooperative marketing and consumer cooperatives.

Courses and Workshops that Address this Stipulation

Program Name Contact Website/Information
CESA 6 RITE Program Nancy Jaeger (920) 236-0508 CESA 6 Website: Educator Support Page
UW - Milwaukee Christie Peters 
(414) 229-4352
Meeting Stipulations through UW-M Courses: Includes Application Process
eduCATE - WI eduCATE-Contact Us eduCate Workshops
UW - River Falls Continuing Education Outreach Office (715) 425-3256 UW-River Falls Continuing Education Website

Any identified statutory stipulation that can be fulfilled through coursework can be completed at any approved program. However, the above includes information on programs created to specifically address the needs of educators who hold licenses with statutory stipulations.

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