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Licensing Rules and Statutes

PI 34 - Wisconsin Administrative Code for Teacher Education Program Approval and Licensing

PI 34 restructured teacher education, educator licenses, and professional development for Wisconsin educators. The system is based on Wisconsin Educator Standards with demonstrated knowledge, skills, and dispositions for teaching, pupil services, and administration. Initial licensing is based on an educator’s successful performance as measured against these standards.

About PI 34

PI 34 Implementation Resources

  • Professional Standards Council (PSC) – The PSC contributed to the language of PI 34 and is active in recommending and developing strategies for information dissemination regarding PI 34 implementation.
  • Wisconsin Induction Guidelines – Information on Wisconsin Induction Guidelines and promising programs.

Related information

  • Administrative Rules Activities - Information about activity surrounding new or changes to administrative rules.
  • PI 34 prior to 8/1/2018 - The version of PI 34 before it was repealed and recreated on 8/1/2018.
  • PI 34 Developmental Levels – Information about the five developmental levels defined in the previous version of PI 34.
  • Wis. Admin. Code PI 3 – Administrative rule governing Licenses that was repealed effective July 1, 2004, and replaced by Wis. Admin. Code PI 34.
  • Wis. Admin Code PI 4 – Administrative rule governing Teacher Education Program Approval that was repealed effective July 1, 2004, and replaced by Wis. Admin. Code PI 34.

Wisconsin Statutes governing PK-12 education

  • Chapter 115 - State Superintendent; General Classifications and Definitions; Children with Disabilities
  • Chapter 116 - Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs)
  • Chapter 117 - School District Reorganization
  • Chapter 118 - General School Operations
  • Chapter 119 - First Class City School System (Milwaukee Public Schools)
  • Chapter 120 - School District Government
  • Chapter 121 - School Finance

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