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Upper Level Technology Education Permit (Trade Specialist)

Candidate Profile

  • Completed an apprenticeship program and three additional years of occupational experience in a particular trade area; or
  • Completed four years of institutional training in a trade area; or
  • Certified by the technical college system board to teach an industrial arts or similar subject
  • Seeking to fill a school district need in a specific trade area 

This pathway is referred to as the Trade Specialist Permit pathway because it is limited to an applicant with significant training and experience in a specific trade area. The permit holder is limited to teaching only this specific trade to meet a district's needs. This process is for a permit only and does not lead to a degree or license.

If you fit this pathway profile:

  1. DETERMINE your eligibility and follow the steps in Trade Specialist Permit Pathway Requirements 
  2. APPLY for a Wisconsin Permit using the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) System.

Trade Specialist Permit Pathway Resources

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