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CCR IEP Overview

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More information about CCR IEPs is available in our Overview Guide of College and Career Ready IEPs: Improving Outcomes for Students 3 through 21.

Wisconsin has been a national leader in education because our values include the importance of a high-quality public education. Our vision is that ALL students, including those with IEPs, will graduate prepared for college and a career.

But what do IEP teams need to know in order to prepare students at each and every grade level who are receiving special education services for college and a career? We know that true college and career readiness is about much more than academics. Our graduates must also have the knowledge, skills, and habits that will allow them to succeed in life after high school.

Students with IEPs require both the academic and functional proficiencies needed in order to demonstrate independence, self-determination, critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, creativity, responsibility, and persistence.

These abilities are difficult to measure but developing them are an important part of our educational system.

CCR IEPs provide a framework for IEP teams to explore beliefs and attitudes regarding students with disabilities, build knowledge and skills in order to evaluate and plan special education services, and examine systems and practices which support students, families, and educators.

CCR IEP Five Beliefs

1) High Expectations
2) Culturally Responsive Practices
3) Student Relationships
4) Family & Community Engagement
5) Collective Responsibility

CCR IEP Five Step Process

1) Understand Achievement
2) Identify Effect of Disability
3) Develop Goals
4) Align Services
5) Analyze Progress