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CCR IEP Family & Community Engagement

Resources Available to Families and Communities

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IEP teams know how family and community engagement can improve student outcomes and explore how the school can support the families' hopes, perspectives, culture, insights, and concerns for their child.


  • For Families: Student Snapshot [Spanish] This resource can be filled out by families to share information about their child prior to or during IEP meetings.
  • For Students: My Snapshot [Spanish] This resource can be filled out by students to share information about themselves prior to or during IEP meetings.
  • For IEP Teams: IEP Sample Snapshot This resource can be filled out by IEP teams after the IEP is written to share information about the student with anyone that wants a general summary of the content of the student's IEP and includes some additional information that may be helpful for educators to support the student.  This resource was developed by the Wisconsin Council on Special Education with support from Wisconsin DPI.