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CCR IEP 5 Beliefs

CCR IEP 5 Beliefs Summary Handout

DPI Vision - Every Child a Graduate

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High Expectations

IEP teams know how high expectations influence academic achievement and post-secondary independence and explore a shared vision of high expectations for college, career, and community readiness. Click here to learn more. 

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Culturally Responsive Practices

IEP teams know and respect the unique identity of each student and explore programs, practices, procedures and policies that meet the diversity of student abilities, race, gender, language, and culture. Click here to learn more.

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Student Relationships

IEP teams know the value of relationships necessary for learning and explore strategies that will build relationships between student, peers, and adults. Click here to learn more.

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Family & Community Engagement

IEP teams know how family and community engagement can improve student outcomes and explore how the school can support the families' hopes, perspectives, culture, insights, and concerns for their child. Click here to learn more.

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Collective Responsibility

IEP team members know the power of working together and explore how each and every member can support student access and engagement in universal grade level instruction to achieve academic standards and functional expectations. Click here to learn more.