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Early Childhood Special Education

Meaningful Inclusion Early Childhood Transcript

Educating Young Children With Disabilities

Each school district in Wisconsin is responsible for providing a continuum of Special Education and Related Services to Children with Disabilities and who need special education. Including children with disabilities in early childhood programs is a part of this continuum.

For school districts working on improving inclusion at the early childhood level, please watch the above video, Meaningful Inclusion in Early Childhood, to see how one school district in Wisconsin makes inclusion at reality. This mini documentary highlights the Sun Prairie Area School District’s vision where early childhood inclusion is the norm, in school and community based programs. 

Children are evaluated to determine if they met the one of the state's eligibility criteria. Special education and related services may provide consultation to staff, direct services to the child, training related to the disability, and other services that are identified in the child's Individualized Education Program.

General Information on Early Childhood Special Education


Early Childhood Technical Assistance and Implementation Project (EC-TAI)

Early Childhood Special Education Email List

DPI Early Childhood has created a new Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) email list. This email list will provide individuals who work with and support preschoolers with IEPs with information on best practices, EC indicators, state updates and professional learning opportunities across the state. We have some exciting new professional learning opportunities this year that you will not want to miss. They will all be advertised on the ECSE email list.

To join the ECSE email list, send an email message by putting in the “To” field of the email. Send the email. You will receive a confirmation email. If you have any questions about requesting technical assistance or the ECSE email list please contact

Early Childhood Special Education Statewide Contacts, August 2023

Early Childhood Services and Supports, August 2023

Early Learning Technical Assistance Request 


Early Childhood Indicators At-A-Glance, July 2021

The Early Learning Technical Assistance and Implementation (EL-TAI) grant provides technical assistance at no cost to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and community partners to support positive outcomes for preschoolers with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) in Wisconsin. The grant provides training and technical assistance to support preschoolers with IEPs. Review the EL-TAI Menu of Services for all of the services that are offered. To request any of these services please complete the Early Learning Technical Assistance Request.

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